New Elohyek Album
Evergreen Motel
Available March 3rd 2023

Elohyek is an experimental alternative rock collective from Charleston, South Carolina. The project was formed in 2021 by songwriter/producer Matt “Maku” Hancock. Their upcoming LP, “Evergreen Motel” is a textural expedition that meshes the mellow vibes of Trip-Hop with the grit and impact of Industrial Rock, all while remaining sleek and unique. The album’s instruments, vocals, and experimental production create a weaving soundscape that is designed to please casual listeners and audiophiles alike.

Members & Frequent Collaborators:

  • Maku - producer, percussion, guitar, synthesizer, bass, vocals
  • Andrew McEwan - Guitar, synthesizer, bass, vocals
  • Jay Horne - Guitar, vocals
  • Connor Wyatt - Guitar, synthesizer
  • Christopher Johnson - Bass
  • Zane Kreider - Guitar
  • Zac Daniels - Percussion
  • Cyrus Keefer - Vocals

Other Releases:

  • Phantom Limbs - 2022

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